About Kampala Kitchen

Hi, I'm Jenny. I created this blog to share recipes that work well in Uganda and East Africa, focusing on ingredients that are locally available. Ever since I moved to Uganda in 2016, I have been looking for a resource like this and I finally decided to create it myself. Whether you have recently move here or you have lived here for decades, I hope you will find something useful to add to your recipe book.

I'm an emerging cook, known to ruin three different pans in the same week by forgetting them on the stove. I'm not an expert, but I do have some good recipes to share. And so do you. I hope you'll contact me to share some of your favorites!

I'm also a novice mother, an agricultural economist, and a proud Californian. I love the light that Jesus Christ brings to my life and I love the man God has been gracious enough to let me share my life with. Check out his work at